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In 1551 Dromoland was listed in the will of Murrough O’Brien. He was first Tanist and in 1543 had been granted the title of first Earl of Thomond by Henry VIII. Murrough bequeathed Leamaneh Castle to his third son Donough MacMurrough O’Brien, and also gave him the castle and lands at Dromoland. In 1582 Donough was hanged in Limerick on charges of rebellion and the government decided that all his property would be forfeited to the Crown. Accordingly, Sir George Cusack, the sheriff, took possession of Dromoland. Some years later, Turlough O’Brien killed Cusack and various O’Briens attempted to re-possess Dromoland. The fourth Earl of Thomond claimed to have sole ownership and tried to exclude Donough’s son, Conor MacDonough O’Brien. The outcome of this dispute is unclear.

In 1604 when Conor O’Brien died he left Dromoland to his son, Donough MacConor O’Brien. Donough, whose mother was Slany O’Brien, was then only about eight years old. A legal battle ensued between the fourth Earl and Slany O’Brien. The dispute was settled by arbitration in 1613. The Earl, by now Lord Thomond, became owner of Dromoland on payment of 132.13.4 pounds in compensation to Slany O’Brien. When Donough was older, he refused to abide by the settlement. By 1614 a William Starkey was leasing Dromoland from Lord Thomond. By 1628 Lord Thomond was dead and Donough continued the dispute through the Court of Wards and Liveries in Dublin. In 1629 Donough was granted entry “on all the manors, lands and tenements of his late father” on payment of a fine. Dromoland was however not listed among the many properties named, and it rested with the Earls of Thomond for another fifty years. The fifth Earl did transfer two other properties to Donough as compensation.

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